Woo Hoo! – Paid ZERO bag fee today!


I used my paper ROSS DRESS FOR LESS bag today at the supermarket, so I did NOT have to reward the RICH supermarket chains with 10 cents more of, in my opinion, windfall profits from paper bag sales.

So far, I have NEVER paid for a bag fee at any store. 🙂

Bag fees are a disguised tax, in my opinion. Fees are easy for elected officials to pass on to the consumer. After all, who is going to complain about a measly 10 cents? It’s ONLY 10 cents.

Aren’t you tired of the sales pitch that starts with “It’s ONLY…blah, blah, blah.”

If it’s only 10 cents, why isn’t San Jose picking up the tab? Why? Because it is a cost. Why should the city eat the cost when they can pass it on to the consumer, no mind that the poor are being punished, in my opinion, with the bag fee?

Doesn’t the state and the city get some of the bag fees from taxing the income of the stores?

Consumers, including the poor, pay the bag fee. RICH supermarket chains make money and the government makes money. Aren’t you tired of always being the person expected to pay for everything? Bags are a cost of business. The stores should eat the cost and not shaft the consumer with a government-dictated money grab, in my opinion.

The stores should be pushing back on the elected leaders. Let me know if this is the case or not the case. I, as well as many others, are extremely curious.

What is the cost of a paper bag for the store? A penny? Remember, volume for hundreds of stores dictates dirt-cheap price to the RICH supermarkets. Buy a bag for a penny; sell it for a dime (or 25 cents). Man, what a return. Can you imagine if the cities, like San Jose, changed the bag fee to $2.00 a bag?

The RICH supermarkets put the bag fee in the till as windfall profits, in my opinion, and then the government taxes the supermarket chains. So guess who is left holding the bag? Yep, the consumer, the senior on social security, the homeless, the unemployed, the poor, the working poor, and the rich who probably don’t care.

Think about it… The rich aren’t concerned about a bag fee. It’s ONLY 10 cents a bag.

What riles me is that our elected officials can fee you till your wallet is empty and you cannot fee anymore.

San Jose had the fee going to 25 cents after two years, but they changed the ordinance (law) to 10 cents feeling pressure from the public.

We all need to speak up. With the stroke of a pen, the cities are writing and passing the ordinance.

Did any one of you get to VOTE on authorizing the fee?

Isn’t it true, the cities could make the fee anything they want? 10 cents? 25 cents? $2.00 a bag?

When will you speak up?

Protect your granny who went shopping and left her reuseable bag in the car and was too embarrassed to hold up the line to go get her bag. I know a 90-year old granny that forked over the bag fees in just such a case. Ain’t right in my opinion!

By the way, start showing your resistance to paying the fee.

Take your Safeway bag into Lucky’s and take your Lucky’s bag into Safeway. The stores, again in my opinion, are not fighting the bag fee. They seem to have just rolled over to the elected politicians, in my opinion.

If you want to protect the environment and ban the single-use plastic bag, do so, but DON’T PUNISH THE POOR WITH BAG FEES! Actually, be fair; don’t fee anyone.

Also, I NEVER have and NEVER will pay a bag fee!

If you must buy a bag, save money by buying single-use plastic bags for a penny apiece at the big discount stores.

Single-use plastic bags make sense. They are new, i.e., sterile. Who knows what grows in reusable bags that folks bring into the supermarket?

I stocked up on single-use plastic bags and have over 3,000. It’s not a crime for we consumers to use the bag. It is only a crime if the store provides you with the single-use plastic bag.

Start stocking up on single-use plastic bags before the state of California bans them. Ask the managers at the stores if you can take some of the plastic bags in their recycle containers. Shop in cities that still have single-use plastic bags and double bag everything. When outside California, pick up every bag in adjoining states.

Another thing, the single-use plastic bags wind up in creeks and streams, again because of the irresponsibility of a few persons, so punishing EVERY person for the irresponsibility of the few REEKS in my opinion.

I see hundreds of cigarette butts to the occasional single-use plastic bag out there. Why hasn’t San Jose banned cigarette butts? Don’t these cigarette butts wind up in sewers, creeks, streams, the bay and the ocean?

Rushed bag ordinances. No creative thinking to solve the problem in my opinion. Just one city after another doing “Cut N Paste” of each other ordinances. At least with CA CRV on bottles and cans, the poor walk around and clean the cities with no tax dollars wasted. The CA CRV provides supplemental income for many. So, why hasn’t the great think tanks at the city offices considered the REWARD system instead of PUNISHING everyone, especially the poor with the bag fee?

How many single-use plastic bags would be in the sewers, creeks and streams if the cities, like San Jose, paid 5 cents for every single-use plastic bag picked up by the same individuals that recycle bottles and cans?

It’s hard to keep politics out of the bag fee issue when I see a Democrat-controlled San Jose, Democrat-controlled Santa Clara County and Democrat-controlled California punishing, everyone, especially the poor with the bag fee. Ain’t right San Jose leaders.


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Cortese and Liccardo on Unaccompanied Illegal Immigrant Children

Scott Herhold of the San Jose Mercury News did a recent story on how the two candidates (Cortese and Liccardo) were alike.


I would like to add that both men have in common their commitment to unaccompanied illegal immigrant children. Pull quote from San Jose Mercury News story “Santa Clara County seeks to welcome migrant kids flooding Texas border” published July 17, 2014:

On Wednesday, (Zoe) Lofgren, (Dave) Cortese and (Cindy) Chavez put out a joint statement along with Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and San Jose City Councilman Sam Liccardo urging “communities in the Bay Area, throughout the State of California, and across the nation to join us to make good on America’s promise of fairness and due process.”


As for fairness, how is it fair to house illegal immigrant children ahead of all the illegal immigrants waiting in line to REQUEST PERMISSION to enter the United States?

As for due process, put judges on the border on 24-7 duty and turn the migrant children back within 24 hours. What it looks like to me: the unaccompanied illegal immigrant children are going to be here a long time and the onslaught will not stop when bay area politicians keep welcoming illegal immigrant children.

Rule of Law appears to be whatever you rationalize it to be, in my opinion. Borders and immigration laws appear to be free to be ignored. These politicians mentioned in the news story make laws; yet they are taking in border-jumpering law-breakers and making a mockery of U.S. laws, in my opinion.

All the politicians mentioned in the article are wrong in placing unaccompanied ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT children.

San Jose and Santa Clara County have had a homeless population of over 4,000 for over 10 years. Shouldn’t we take care of our own people first before becoming a refuge camp for anyone that steals across our border?

Did the San Jose leaders and Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors put the issue on the ballot for taxpayers to vote on the costs to educate the unaccompanied migrant children?

Wouldn’t the money being squandered on unaccompanied migrant children be better used to take care of veterans at our veteran hospitals?

Political asylum is a non-starter for me as parents stayed behind in their countries of origin and just abandoned their children by sending them to the United States, in my opinion. If the children’s countries of origin are so evil, why didn’t the parents leave?

The politicians should place their compassion for other human beings by offering political asylum to the Yazidis in Iraq who are being beheaded or buried alive. The Yazidis fear going back to Iraq. The United States needs to offer political asylum to the Yazidis who are truly being persecuted.

The children being sent to the United States from south of the U.S.-Mexico border do not rise to the level of the atrocities that the Yazidis are facing.

I would like to see every politician named in this story to focus their attention on pushing the administration to offer political asylum for the Yazidis, Kurds and any other Iraqi that wants to flee the Islamic State butchers and murderers.

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Obama Prepares Schools for Migrant Kids

Full story at: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/215059-obama-prepares-schools-for-enrollment-of-migrant-children

California has picked up 3,909 migrant children that crossed the U.S.-Mexico border recently, according to the story.

Do you really think the invasion of illegal immigrant children will stop when the Democrats and Obama welcome the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT children?

How soon before the parents follow the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT children into the United States across the porous U.S.-Mexico border?

I think the sanctuary city advocates in San Jose should open up their homes to house the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT children. But then, of course, we taxpayers will still have to pay to educate these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT children.

In my opinion, the United States CANNOT take in every immigrant that wants to come into the United States! That’s why we have immigration laws.

We want the “best and the brightest” from around the globe. We do not need to take everyone that is able to violate our borders or to stay after their visas expire.

How, in anyone’s wildest imagination, does allowing ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS entry into the United States help convince folks that our laws are to be followed, and/or respected? In other words, what does ignoring immigration laws do to respect for laws generally?

When authority figures, like city councilmembers and mayors, criticize Federal immigration laws, does that sound like the type of politician you want to promote to federal office, much less keep in city, county or state government?

How much respect for authority do the law-abiding folks have when the politicians ignore or chastise immigration laws?

Currently, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS come into the United States without health checks, without security checks, without jobs, without papers, without proof they can stay off welfare, without RESPECT FOR LAWS, and without a desire or need to even learn English. These are NOT the “best and the brightest!”

If the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and elected officials can “pick n choose” which laws they feel like obeying, can lawful immigrants and U.S. citizens also “pick n choose” which laws they want to obey?

For example, why obey car pool lanes? Why obey the speed limits on the highways? Why bother to have car insurance? Why bother to get a driver’s license? Why bother to check potential employees for legal right to work in the United States?

If politicians “diss” immigration laws, why should anyone listen to the politicians on anything?

If politicians say they are obeying a higher moral code in allowing the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT invasion of our borders, then why have borders?

If politicians are so weak-willed and “willy-nilly” on supporting Federal laws, why should anyone obey the politicians that create city ordinances, county ordinances or state laws?

Double standard in play. Research your elected officials views and make a moral decision whether to dump your guy or gal.

I recommend a website that tells all. Find your politician’s view on any issue. It’s called Vote Smart. The website for Vote Smart: http://votesmart.org/

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Baker’s Dozen List of San Jose’s Best

1. Loving, caring politicians.

2. Pothole-free streets and highways.

3. Plastic bag ban with accompanying paper bag fee, i.e., windfall profits for rich supermarkets.

4. Focus groups and think tanks on how to really solve problems rather than cutting and pasting other city ordinances, such as the plastic bag ban.

5. Politicians that love the low-income, elderly on social security, the working poor, the unemployed and the homeless in spite of the punishing paper bag fee laid onto them.

6. City’s support of mobile home parks and the refusal to let big developers come in and crush mobile home parks.

7. Population growth. San Jose is proud to grow over a million population. Doesn’t matter legal versus illegal immigrant. We love you all! Send for your friends.

8. What gang problem?

9. Graffiti sign cleanup on a sign by sign basis. Reading the graffiti keeps your mind off the potholes.

10. Affordable housing – Ha, Ha, Hah!

11. The ever-renewing 10-year plan to end homelessness.

12. Good training ground for police officers in order to staff other cities.

13. No recent politician doing jail time.

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President Obama is a laughing stock.

Obama accuses Republicans of wasting taxpayer money on a lawsuit against him. A spendaholic chastising Republicans for wasting money is laughable, if not sheer madness.

Beg your pardon; how much does Obama waste on foreign trips and foreign aid? A lawsuit against Obama is chump change compared to the amount of money the United States wastes in flying the Obamas around the globe and in spending horrendous amount of taxpayers’ monies on foreign aid.

How much foreign aid? Just Google it on the Internet. In the meantime, a quick source of the 10 ten recipients of American foreign aid from ABC News story showing 2008 and 2012 amounts:

In case you don’t want to go to the ABC News story, Israel receives the most amount of U.S. foreign aid with 2012 amount of $3.075 Billion.

Israel’s aid was higher than Afghanistan. Israel’s aid was higher than Iraq’s. The 2012 five top recipients of U.S. foreign aid: Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt, all over $1 BILLION each.

So with Obama worried about taxpayers paying for the Republican’s lawsuit against him, it shows he has no concept of money expenditures, in my opinion, when he questions taxpayers paying for a lawsuit against him.

On another note, Obama is allowing foreign aid in the billions of dollars to go to other nations, yet he and the Democrats refuse to secure our borders and deport illegal immigrants.

Long term impact of accepting everyone that crosses our border means we are not selecting the “best and the brightest” to enhance this nation.

With Democrats refusal to secure the borders and deport the illegal immigrants, we are receiving the “undocumented” that enter the United States without PAPERS, without jobs, without health checks, without security checks, without proof they can stay off welfare, without respect for American laws (immigration laws for sure), without respect for immigrants that entered our country with permission, and probably without a desire or need to learn English.

And guess who is going to pay education expenses for educating the mass invasion by illegal immigrant children? I also understand that federal taxpayer dollars are going to be used to house these illegal immigrant children.

With this wasteful expenditures by our government, I find the Obama argument of taxpayers paying for a lawsuit against him NOT persuasive.

I believe the lawsuit against President Obama is the best expenditure of funds I have seen in a long time.

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Border agents say violent MS-13 recruiting at Arizona facility for new Central American arrivals

Border agents say violent MS-13 recruiting at Arizona facility for new Central American arrivals

Full story at http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/07/27/border-agents-say-violent-ms-13-recruiting-at-arizona-facility-for-new-central/?intcmp=latestnews

Not only does Arizona have stories, even Texas has problems with illegal immigrants in gangs. From story: “Texas state GOP Sen. Dan Patrick said earlier this week that roughly 100,000 illegally immigrants living in his state are gang members.”

California is another border state. And recent news stories of our San Jose and Santa Clara County supervisors encouraging cities and towns to take in illegal immigrant, quote “children,” makes one take a second look at our elected leaders in terms of “PUBLIC SAFETY”.

To San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, Vice-Mayor Madison Nguyen, Santa Clara County Supervisors Dave Cortese and Cindy Chavez, Congress members Zoe Lofgren and Michael Honda: “How many illegal immigrants reside in Sanctuary County Santa Clara County and Sanctuary City San Jose? How many are gang members?”

To the lawful legal immigrants, United States citizens and vacationers from around the globe: To me, the above questions to local politicians will probablly go unanswered as, for example, the city of San Jose seemingly doesn’t know or doesn’t care about the number of illegal immigrants living living in local neighborhoods. The local politicians seem to care more about the folks here illegally than the folks who respect our borders and our laws.

To the legal immigrants, U.S. citizens and tourists from around the globe visiting San Jose and Santa Clara County: “Since San Jose and Santa Clara County are sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, how many new gang members are being recruited to be your new neighbors?”

In my personal view, the elected officials of San Jose and Santa Clara County seem more interested in protecting illegal immigrants that they do about respecting United States laws on immigration, the rule of law or on representing folks who are against illegal immigrants, especially those illegal immigrants with “a history of serious and violent crime” living in our midst.

By the way, how many illegal immigrants does San Jose support now and how many more in the future? Tens of thousands, I estimate, reside here now because of San Jose’s sanctuary city policies, yet there are over 4,000 homeless living in the streets. See something wrong with this picture?

500,000 illegal aliens reside in the bay area, and what city with a million population has sanctuary city policies where gang members would feel right at home? Bingo! You’re right! San Jose, California.

Remember this posting when San Jose and Santa Clara politicians speak of “PUBLIC SAFETY” especially around election time.

Does your school restrict clothing attire because of gang problems? I know of one San Jose public school that does. Would you feel safe if your local school tells you kids have to wear uniforms because coloring of clothing identifies gang affiliation? How does that make you feel about “PUBLIC SAFETY”?

If police can’t ask immigration status of folks they stop and when the Santa Clara County politicians refuse to send fingerprints of folks arrested and sitting in county jail to Immigration and Customs Enfrocement (ICE), the city and county are just giving lip service to the term “PUBLIC SAFETY”, in my opinion.

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Dave Cortese on Public Safety

Dave Cortese is touting “Public Safety” on his bid for mayor of San Jose.

I remember Supervisor Cortese opting out of Secure Communities Program, which means that Santa Clara County is NOT co-operating with the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

It seems hypocritical, to me, for Mayoral candidate Dave Cortese to preach about “Public Safety” when Supervisor Cortese opted out of ICE’s Secure Communities Program. And to be honest, I don’t care his rationale for opting out of Secure Communities–he opted out. Period!

Who does the Secure Communities program target? ICE has stated that it “prioritizes the removal of criminal aliens, those who pose a threat to public safety, repeat immigration violators,” and “the most dangerous and violent offenders.” http://www.immigrationpolicy.org/just-facts/secure-communities-fact-sheet

Opting out of a program that checks fingerprints of folks already “sitting in jails” means we are checking fingerprints of folks already arrested for some reason or another. By opting out of Secure Communities, ICE has no notification of arrestees from Santa Clara County jail with a “history of serious and violent crime.”

Does opting out of Secure Communities make you feel safer?

Do you want a mayor preaching public safety but who opted out of a program that helps identify criminal illegal aliens, especially criminal illegal aliens with “a history of serious and violent crime?”

I support San Jose’s police officers (and fire fighters). I hate how San Jose’s elected leaders caused the police ranks to shrink. I hate how the police are instructed to ignore immigration status of folks they stop. I hate the attack against good law enforcement programs like the Secure Communities Program. I think sanctuary city status by San Jose is a slap in the face to legal immigrants, U.S. citizens, immigration LAW and to the officers on the beat.

I defend the rule of law. Law enforcement officers are a special breed and demand respect, whether they be city police officers or federal law enforcement officers. These law enforcement personnel are some of the “best and the brightest” people that serve this country. They deserve a mayor that respects them AND THE LAW!

I ask myself, how can police officers support Dave Cortese with Supervisor Cortese’s record with opting out of the Secure Communities Program? It’s a given that the police officer’s unions will unquestionably support Dave Cortese, but what does the police officer on the beat really think?

Is federal law on immigration a different country where it doesn’t matter the law? We have sanctuary for illegal immigrants and it seems to me that federal LAW on immigration be damned!

The sadness I feel is that local elected officials get promoted into the federal offices where they take their lack of respect for federal law along with them. If Mayoral candidate Dave Cortese voted to opt out of the Secure Communities Program, what will Mayor Cortese do bring back respect for law? What would Congressman Cortese or Senator Cortese do the Homeland Security if elected to federal office. If Dave Cortese gets elected to federal office, will ICE be abandoned?

Will Mayor Dave Cortese challenge San Jose’s sanctuary city policy or just deny San Jose is a sanctuary city?

Please share your thoughts. For whom do I vote? It seems to me, we really don’t have any viable candidates for mayor, so what is one to do?

For more Silicon Valley commentary, go to https://civilserpents.wordpress.com

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