Border agents say violent MS-13 recruiting at Arizona facility for new Central American arrivals

Border agents say violent MS-13 recruiting at Arizona facility for new Central American arrivals

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Not only does Arizona have stories, even Texas has problems with illegal immigrants in gangs. From story: “Texas state GOP Sen. Dan Patrick said earlier this week that roughly 100,000 illegally immigrants living in his state are gang members.”

California is another border state. And recent news stories of our San Jose and Santa Clara County supervisors encouraging cities and towns to take in illegal immigrant, quote “children,” makes one take a second look at our elected leaders in terms of “PUBLIC SAFETY”.

To San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, Vice-Mayor Madison Nguyen, Santa Clara County Supervisors Dave Cortese and Cindy Chavez, Congress members Zoe Lofgren and Michael Honda: “How many illegal immigrants reside in Sanctuary County Santa Clara County and Sanctuary City San Jose? How many are gang members?”

To the lawful legal immigrants, United States citizens and vacationers from around the globe: To me, the above questions to local politicians will probablly go unanswered as, for example, the city of San Jose seemingly doesn’t know or doesn’t care about the number of illegal immigrants living living in local neighborhoods. The local politicians seem to care more about the folks here illegally than the folks who respect our borders and our laws.

To the legal immigrants, U.S. citizens and tourists from around the globe visiting San Jose and Santa Clara County: “Since San Jose and Santa Clara County are sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, how many new gang members are being recruited to be your new neighbors?”

In my personal view, the elected officials of San Jose and Santa Clara County seem more interested in protecting illegal immigrants that they do about respecting United States laws on immigration, the rule of law or on representing folks who are against illegal immigrants, especially those illegal immigrants with “a history of serious and violent crime” living in our midst.

By the way, how many illegal immigrants does San Jose support now and how many more in the future? Tens of thousands, I estimate, reside here now because of San Jose’s sanctuary city policies, yet there are over 4,000 homeless living in the streets. See something wrong with this picture?

500,000 illegal aliens reside in the bay area, and what city with a million population has sanctuary city policies where gang members would feel right at home? Bingo! You’re right! San Jose, California.

Remember this posting when San Jose and Santa Clara politicians speak of “PUBLIC SAFETY” especially around election time.

Does your school restrict clothing attire because of gang problems? I know of one San Jose public school that does. Would you feel safe if your local school tells you kids have to wear uniforms because coloring of clothing identifies gang affiliation? How does that make you feel about “PUBLIC SAFETY”?

If police can’t ask immigration status of folks they stop and when the Santa Clara County politicians refuse to send fingerprints of folks arrested and sitting in county jail to Immigration and Customs Enfrocement (ICE), the city and county are just giving lip service to the term “PUBLIC SAFETY”, in my opinion.

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Dave Cortese on Public Safety

Dave Cortese is touting “Public Safety” on his bid for mayor of San Jose.

I remember Supervisor Cortese opting out of Secure Communities Program, which means that Santa Clara County is NOT co-operating with the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

It seems hypocritical, to me, for Mayoral candidate Dave Cortese to preach about “Public Safety” when Supervisor Cortese opted out of ICE’s Secure Communities Program. And to be honest, I don’t care his rationale for opting out of Secure Communities–he opted out. Period!

Who does the Secure Communities program target? ICE has stated that it “prioritizes the removal of criminal aliens, those who pose a threat to public safety, repeat immigration violators,” and “the most dangerous and violent offenders.”

Opting out of a program that checks fingerprints of folks already “sitting in jails” means we are checking fingerprints of folks already arrested for some reason or another. By opting out of Secure Communities, ICE has no notification of arrestees from Santa Clara County jail with a “history of serious and violent crime.”

Does opting out of Secure Communities make you feel safer?

Do you want a mayor preaching public safety but who opted out of a program that helps identify criminal illegal aliens, especially criminal illegal aliens with “a history of serious and violent crime?”

I support San Jose’s police officers (and fire fighters). I hate how San Jose’s elected leaders caused the police ranks to shrink. I hate how the police are instructed to ignore immigration status of folks they stop. I hate the attack against good law enforcement programs like the Secure Communities Program. I think sanctuary city status by San Jose is a slap in the face to legal immigrants, U.S. citizens, immigration LAW and to the officers on the beat.

I defend the rule of law. Law enforcement officers are a special breed and demand respect, whether they be city police officers or federal law enforcement officers. These law enforcement personnel are some of the “best and the brightest” people that serve this country. They deserve a mayor that respects them AND THE LAW!

I ask myself, how can police officers support Dave Cortese with Supervisor Cortese’s record with opting out of the Secure Communities Program? It’s a given that the police officer’s unions will unquestionably support Dave Cortese, but what does the police officer on the beat really think?

Is federal law on immigration a different country where it doesn’t matter the law? We have sanctuary for illegal immigrants and it seems to me that federal LAW on immigration be damned!

The sadness I feel is that local elected officials get promoted into the federal offices where they take their lack of respect for federal law along with them. If Mayoral candidate Dave Cortese voted to opt out of the Secure Communities Program, what will Mayor Cortese do bring back respect for law? What would Congressman Cortese or Senator Cortese do the Homeland Security if elected to federal office. If Dave Cortese gets elected to federal office, will ICE be abandoned?

Will Mayor Dave Cortese challenge San Jose’s sanctuary city policy or just deny San Jose is a sanctuary city?

Please share your thoughts. For whom do I vote? It seems to me, we really don’t have any viable candidates for mayor, so what is one to do?

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Michael Honda’s Stand On ILLEGAL immigrants

Voted NO on building a fence along the Mexican border” says it all.


Michael Honda’s voting record is quite clear that he does not favor immigration law, in my opinion. On every issue relating to immigration, Michael Honda chooses to take the side of the ILLEGAL immigrant.

This is unfair to every immigrant who requested permission to enter the United States. Michael Honda is putting the cheaters, i.e., the line-cutters in front of the line.

We used to ask for the “best and the brightest” from around the globe, but with people like Michael Honda representing the folks in his district, we take anybody and everybody which means Michael Honda is welcoming immigrants that come in without health checks, without security checks, without jobs, without proof the illegal immigrant can stay off welfare, without papers, without respect for American laws and probably without the desire or need to learn English.

Michael Honda is NOT fair to the legal immigrants who patiently waited their turn. Michael Honda is not fair to the United States citizens who see their laws trounced upon and ignored by Michael Honda and his illegal immigrant supporters.

How can San Joseans stomach a congress member who is making laws for us to follow yet who despises immigration law himself, it seems, and who seems to go out of his way to trash our immigration system?

For another source on Michael Honda’s actual voting record in Congress, go to and look up his dismal record.

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San José Leaders NOT Quiet in Latest Illegal Alien Invasion

Update to July 10 post titled San José Leaders Strangely Quiet in Latest Illegal Alien Invasion:  Some of the usual suspects of illegal alien and illegal alien advocacy supporters, i.e., the San José and Santa Clara County politicians couldn’t or wouldn’t remain silent. This time they banded together and published their current “Love-Fest” with illegal immigrants and now are as vocal as ever.

See the news story in the San Jose Mercury News: Santa Clara County seeks to welcome migrant kids flooding Texas border.



Previous July 10 post:

In the past, San José wrote a paper resolution condemning Arizona’s brave fight against illegal immigration.

However, with the latest invasion of illegal aliens across our U.S.-Mexico border, Mayor Reed, Vice-Mayor Madison Nguyen and the rest of the city council have been strangely quiet.

San José leaders need to speak up and request ICE send the illegal aliens (illegal immigrants, migrants or that liberal trying to be sensitive term of the “undocumented”) to San José.

After all, when San José’s leaders wrote passed a resolution condemning Arizona’s attempt to stem the flow of illegal immigration, San José’s leaders, in my opinion, were just saying to the illegals, “Welcome to San José; we love you; we care; please join us in San José.”

So ask yourself, why haven’t the esteemed leaders of San José spoken up on this latest invasion of illegal immigrants? San José leaders need to put their money where their mouth is. “Not words, city leaders, but actions are required.”

Shouldn’t these caring folks at city hall spring into action and provide housing for the migrants? We already have 500,000 illegal immigrants living in the bay area. What’s a few thousand more?

Rents are already some of the highest in the nation so what if a few thousand more folks push rentals higher? The legal immigrants, tax-payers, U.S. citizens all don’t seem to care, in my opinion, and voters just keep electing the same old tired politicians who think our immigration laws are a joke.

This “love-fest” with illegal aliens isn’t just isolated to San José, but most of Silicon Valley is affected. The Santa Clara Board of Supervisors and local Congress members, such as Mike Honda and Zoe Lofgren also never met an illegal they didn’t like, in my opinion.

So get off your duff and start calling your council member, Santa Clara County supervisor and local member of Congress to demand that the illegal immigrants be brought to San José.

As for jobs for the illegals, there are plenty of public sidewalks for day laborers to congregate around local Home Depots, Orchard Supply Hardware, U-Haul centers and paint stores for the illegals to mix in with the honest day laborers to get “under the table” cash to send outside the country.

Interesting, that San José wants to capture every dime but fails to go out and audit the day laborer pick-up sites throughout the city. Shouldn’t the city of San José collect their fair share of income tax from the day laborers getting paid cash?

How about this idea: San José should go out and monitor the folks picking up the day laborers and charge the employer a fee for picking up day laborers. “This is another new revenue source, San José.”

By the way, migrants is a another disgusting term like “undocumented” which is used to sweeten up the word and try to take away the term “ILLEGAL,” as the illegal immigrants are breaking the law and our local leaders don’t seem to care about illegals not obeying United States laws.

So picking up a few thousand more illegals shouldn’t be a problem for San José. Housing: no problem. Jobs: no problem. Philosophy: no problem as San José is already listed across the Internet as a “Sanctuary City.”

So why hasn’t San José jumped into action to request illegal immigrants be sent to San José?

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On news story, “Santa Clara County seeks to welcome migrant kids flooding Texas border”

I knew it. I sensed it. I felt it. The illegal immigrant local politicians are showing their “Love-Fest” with illegal immigrants again, This time it’s to feel sorry for the illegal immigrant children that their parents sent north to pull at the heartstrings of the illegal immigrant supporters in our government.

Meanwhile, our children, especially in the inner cities, could always use more help. Why not help our children first before requesting help to take care of the illegal immigrant children who stole across our borders?

Do these politicians not know that by helping the illegal immigrant children, thousands more will follow? 

Zoe Lofgren, Dave Cortese, Cindy Chavez, Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and San Jose City Councilman Sam Liccardo are urging communities in the Bay Area, throughout the State of California, and across the nation “to make good on America’s promise of fairness and due process.”

To the aforementioned politicians, “Don’t speak for me even though you allegedly are elected representatives of the people. When we voted for you, it was to represent we the legal immigrants and United States citizens; we did NOT elect you to represent all the illegal immigrants, including children from around the globe.”

Remember the aforementioned politicians names well. They are always on the side of the ILLEGAL aliens and the ILLEGAL alien advocacy groups. Two are running for San Jose mayor, so San Jose is doomed to be a sanctuary city forever it seems.

It is no surprise to me that the politicians mentioned would be for supporting illegal aliens. San Jose is already a sanctuary city as is Santa Clara County. Source:…

The politicians quote America’s promise of fairness. What happened to supporting our legal immigrants who did the right thing by requesting permission to enter the United States? That is fairness. Allowing cheaters or line-cutters to bypass the immigration system is not fair, Rep. Zoe Lofgren.

Support the law-abiding legal immigrants who waited their turn. Support the United States citizens who obey the law.

Stop whining for the children of the illegal immigrants unless you, Zoe Lofgren and you Mayor Reed house them in your spare bedrooms.

San Jose and Santa Clara County leaders need to focus on the problems of San Jose, not the children who stole across our borders.

Take care and house the 4,000 chronically homeless in San Jose. Focus on making sure all veterans get the best medical service available at the VA. Get housing prices and rental prices to affordable levels. Start taking care of your own constituents instead of taking in all the cast-offs from other countries who are not taking care of their own.

And you politicians talk about due process. That’s a bunch of fluff to make you feel good, I suppose, but due process is a procedure, a law if you like, but yet you are supporting parents who sent their children to break our laws by jumping our border.

Don’t talk due process if reference to ILLEGAL immigrants. Talk about the failed policies of the Democrats who refuse to secure the borders and who have no criteria for rejecting anybody.

Doubt me but check Secure Communities policies and the rejection by Santa Clara County. Read San Jose’s Resolution No. 75401 which condemned Arizona’s brave stance in fighting illegal immigration. Read Mayor Reed’s press release telling all the illegal immigrants that they were safe in San Jose and that the police would not ask immigration status if they are stopped. Check ICE and verify that San Jose and Santa Clara County are ZERO help in identifying and getting rid of illegal immigrants with a history of serious and violent crime!

There is not an illegal immigrant that the aforementioned politicians dislike. They are just grabbing onto children of illegal immigrants because it just furthers their cause of open borders, no checks, just pack them in wherever you can and if everyone challenges them, they will say, “have you looked into the eyes of the children?”

With 500,000 illegal aliens in the bay area, how many more are coming? Thanks to the aforementioned politicians, expect to see tens of thousands more.

Just like San Jose’s resolution condemning Arizona’s immigration battle against illegal immigration, this latest forgiveness of illegal immigrant children’s violation of our borders just stretches the red velvet carpet for the illegal immigrants of the future.

And yet, the populace of San Jose just ignores their elected leaders attack on United States laws.

“Ain’t right folks!”

San Jose Mercury News Story source:


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San Jose, California vs. San Jose, Costa Rica

Benny Hill always famously quipped, “Did You Know?” and he would go right into his humorous skit.

However, what I am saying is not humorous. It’s more pathetic than anything else.

Did you know that immigrants desiring to reside in San Jose, Costa Rica must show proof of income. Immigrants to Costa Rica have to show a minimum monthly income, if a pensioner, of $1,000 a month. If a non-pensioner, the immigrant must show income of $2,500 a month.

Yet in San Jose, California, that is not the case; illegal immigrants don’t have to show proof of income period.

Yeah, I know I am comparing legal immigrants in San Jose, Costa Rica to illegal immigrants in San Jose, California, but with the liberal media muting the distinction of illegal immigrant vs. legal immigrant and just calling everybody immigrants makes it fair game for me. So let’s compare the legal immigrants to San Jose, Costa Rica versus the U.S. liberal term “immigrant” which ignores the distinction between legal and illegal immigrant.

You might say it’s a federal issue and not a city issue, but San Jose is a sanctuary city that has no problem with illegal aliens living in our city, so with the Feds overworked at the borders, illegal aliens head for sanctuary cities like San Jose, California. All the illegal has to do is to sneak past the Feds and then the illegal alien gets to live unmolested by sanctuary cities like San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland.

Since our borders are unsecured, the battle for illegal immigration has to be fought at the city level. However, in my opinion, San Jose, California already surrendered.

Illegal aliens can pretty much do about anything they want in this city, from educating their children, getting jobs, driving an automobile, and living unhampered by the politicians and the police (on orders from their politicians).

Yet in Costa Rica, you have to have papers, apply for residency and show proof of income, which is the way the United States used to be when we sought out the “best and the brightest” from around the globe.

In the United States today, however, with the Democrats refusing to honor any sort of criteria, in my opinion, in welcoming illegal immigrants, we are getting illegal immigrants that come in without proof of income, without papers, without health checks, without security checks, without proof they can stay off welfare, without respect for immigration laws (and how many other laws), and without a desire or sense of urgency to learn English!

The federal government isn’t involved because the illegal immigrant stole across our border to begin with so the Feds don’t even know the illegal alien is here (except when they do the 10-year census count).

Illegal immigrants can show up in the city regardless if they have income or not. No one checks or appears to care.

Of course, you and I know that the illegal alien is never far removed from an income with employers choosing or not choosing to follow E-verify to see if the prospective employee is here legally.

You can make money, also, without worrying about E-verify. Look to the public sidewalks surrounding Home Depot and ask yourself if that guy in the pickup truck is checking legal status on the day laborer he just picked up.

How nice; get paid in cash for a day job. Don’t have to report on taxes. Don’t have to pay San Jose business tax as an independent contractor. Take the money home and stash the cash around the house until have enough to send to country of origin via Western Union.

No income, no problem in San Jose. No one in authority seems to give a rat’s behind about all the day laborers being picked up around the city. I wonder how Workmen’s Comp works on this issue if the day laborer happens to be an “undocumented” illegal alien.

Couldn’t the city of San Jose put up “No Loitering” signs on all the public sidewalks surrounding the day laborer pick up spots? No they won’t. It takes leadership and the current political leaders don’t want to offend anyone. Also, it is just part of San Jose’s credo not to harass the illegal immigrant population that may be one of the day laborers. What’s a little revenue loss to the city when it has tons of money from affluent homeowners and rich companies?

By the way, or using Benny Hill’s quip, did you know that immigrants to San Jose, Costa Rica (actually anywhere in Costa Rica) CANNOT get a job for THREE YEARS? Yet in San Jose, California, an illegal immigrant can start making money immediately.

Tips: want to make money, stand on public sidewalks not only around Home Depot, but check out paint stores and rental truck businesses. Don’t stand on private property. Make sure there are no signs forbidding loitering.

Also, check out the new home building companies. In the market heydey before the crash, Credit Suisse did a study that showed the sub-contractors working for contractors used a lot of illegal immigrant labor. Maybe still do, don’t know. Check it out!

San Jose, California could learn a lot from San Jose, Costa Rica.

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Free the U.S. Marine Held in Mexico: Law, Congress and President Obama

What’s up with the apparent incompetence, arrogance or general disinterest by the United States Congress and President Obama in regards to a United States Marine being held by Mexico? The law, you say.

How about immigration law? Obama and the Congress (mostly Democrats) having a “Love-Fest” with illegal alien advocacy groups and illegal immigrants who have ZERO respect for American immigration laws are seemingly doing nothing about the United States Marine being held captive in Mexico. “We have to abide by the law,” most Democrats would offer, yet these Democrats and Obama don’t seem to care a rat’s behind about the law unless it suits them!

If the Obama regime and the Democrats in Congress say it’s about the laws in Mexico, I beg your pardon, it seems like there are no laws on the border. The Democrats and Obama let illegal immigrants (or the feel-good term of “the undocumented”) routinely cross our border and always hint at amnesty for some. Yeah, right, thus millions more of illegal aliens will flock to the United States. Obama and the Democrats just don’t get it!

Also, where is that ultra right wing superhawk, Senator John McCain, on getting a United States Marine out of the Mexican jail? Shouldn’t McCain to be calling for military action to cross into Mexican airspace with a few Blackhawk Helicopters with F-16 air cover to go into Mexico and free the United States Marine?

The Democrats are NOT about supporting laws unless they feel like it. With 11.4 million illegal immigrants in the United States that we know of, that’s 11.4 instances of laws, minimum, that are being broken, ignored and thus accepted as normal.

Not only that, but Obama and the Democrats want to keep rewarding illegal aliens (illegal immigrants, “the undocumented,” or now simply migrants or immigrants) with amnesty, driver’s licences, breaks on tuition, free pass on obeying our laws and you don’t even have to learn English!

I mean, how stupid does it sound to hear our esteemed leaders praising the illegal immigrant children violating our borders? Yet the United States Congress and President Obama are letting a United States Marine rot in a Mexican jail.

On accepting and not deporting illegal immigrant children, Obama and the United States Congress are teaching the children of the world to disobey laws. Congress and Obama, in other words, are teaching the children of the world, “it’s okay to break the law when it suits you.”

The teachers, i.e., Obama and the United States Congress, are teaching the children of the world, you can be selfish, if it’s about you, go ahead and break the law–ignore the laws if you don’t like them. Follow the example that Obama and the majority of United States Congress (mostly Democrats) do.

U.S. laws appear to be like a menu where you can pick and choose what you want to follow. Let the illegal immigrants and illegal immigrant children into the U.S.–laws be damned. However, we have to follow the law and let a United States Marine be held by a country that allows Cartel members, guns, drugs and human traffickers routinely cross the Mexico-U.S. border and bring their grief to the American public. “Ain’t right Obama and U.S. Congress.”

Congress and Obama are slow to learn, in my opinion, or they just don’t care. Perhaps at this time, we need to send all elected officials to Psychology 101 in College or adult night school to refresh their training or provide initial training on positive reinforcement theory, which basically says that if you want behavior to continue, REWARD that behavior.

Thus, rewarding illegal immigrants with non-deportation and amnesty will tell millions of people from around the world that the United States is weak in leadership and weak in enforcing the law. The end result is a never-ending breech of our borders thanks to elected politicians who are afraid to say no!

Why does the American public put up with Obama and the U.S. Congress who think illegal immigrants are cool to have on your side? Our leaders only encourage and attract millions more illegal aliens.

Illegal immigrants in the United States are at 11.4 million growing to 20 million is a certainty with the public foolishly accepting congressional and presidential misbehavior and law-breaking by folks jumping our borders.

Yet when one United States Marine crossed INTO Mexico, the Mexicans threw him into jail. And Obama and Congress, with it’s lowest approval rate in years, sits on their derriere while a United States Marine rots in a Mexican jail.

Not only is the “Love-Fest” restricted to Washington D.C., but cities, counties and states across the United States suck-up to the illegal immigrant.  For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley area, there are very large entities supporting illegal aliens: Santa Clara County, San Jose,  Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond and Watsonville. Source:

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