Who’s Left Holding the Bag?

With the non-voter approved fee on paper bags, stores have a windfall revenue source. The local governments take a piece of that windfall revenue when they tax the store’s revenue.

So, who is left holding the bag?

Is it the 89-year old grandma who forgot her recyclable bag in the car and now is faced with holding up the line to go fetch her bag, or does she pay the paper bag extortion fee to the so-called caring politicians that are scamming money out of the pockets of the poor?

Are the voters and tax-payers left holding the bag paying more FEES to an already wealthy county?

Is the voter left holding the bag for something they never voted for: another fee in the county that some of the highest rents and unaffordable housing stock in the nation?

To the reasonable man on the street, why the hell are the elected idiots putting fees in place without voter approval?

The voters are left holding the bag while the politicians change fee them to death with the stroke of a pen. How many people realize the fee ordinance was written beginning at 10 cents going to 25 cents?

Who’s to say these arrogant politicians can’t change the fee to whatever they want? Is a dollar a bag next? Who is to say?

And guess who is going to be left holding the bag…

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Jihadists Coming to San Jose?

I’ve often written that our government, led by Democrats fail miserably in maintaining any security at our borders. Thirteen million illegal aliens are in this country. It takes just a few to make bombs. With the Democrats refusing to secure the borders or to crack down on illegal immigration, the potential for terrorists to cross our border exists.

Sanctuary cities like San Jose in California instruct cops not to ask immigration status of folks they stop. What better place for terrorists to hide than in sanctuary cities. California alone has dozens of sanctuary cities, including San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, LA and, of course, San Jose.

In Santa Clara County in California, Supervisors Dave Cortese, Ken Yeager and Cindy Chavez refuse to turn over to the federal government any illegal immigrants that are in jail that have a “history of serious or violent crime.” Does that mean these three Democrat supervisors could be blocking ICE from identifying potential terrorists as well?

Read the news story of Western-raised jihadists pouring into Syria could threaten US in future at

Read the news story of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors protecting illegal immigrants that have a “history of serious or violent crime” at http://www.mercurynews.com/crime-courts/ci_24460689/supervisors-stick-lenient-santa-clara-county-immigration-policy

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Plastic Bag Bandits

The city of San Jose and other local communities have stolen the useful plastic bag from consumers.

The city of San Jose and other local communities also are punishing the consumers with 10 cents to 25 cents per paper bag at the supermarket.

All it takes is the city council members to sign an ordinance to raid the consumers’ pocket. There is no compassion by the city councils for the poor, the seniors and the unemployed. With the stroke of a pen, the city council can change the 10 cents or 25 cents to whatever they want. They did not get a vote of the people on this issue. It cannot stand. The San Jose City Council, Mayor Reed and Vice-Mayor Madison Nguyen could change the paper bag fee to $2.00 a paper bag to further punish people for not using a recyclable bag.

“Let’s let supermarkets get the free money for paper bags and shaft the consumers,” the city council members seem to say by their actions, in my opinion.

Didn’t the city leaders let the voters decide the issue? Was there any brainstorming sessions to weigh the issue before stealing away the plastic bag and punishing the consumer with a paper bag fee? Why not?

Why are San Jose and other local communities banning the useful plastic bag? Because some jelly fish tries to mate with the plastic bag out at sea? Because it clogs the streams and creeks in the bay area?

If you want to ban the plastic bag and the paper bag to not clog sewers or creeks, use smarter ways to get the results desired.  Don’t punish the consumer. The city council should offer incentives instead of hammering the consumers, especially the poor, seniors and the unemployed.

Aluminum cans and plastic bottles used to be a problem. But they are recyclable because folks get money for picking up bottles and cans. Did the city ever consider paying a nickel apiece for every plastic bag that is picked up and redeemed? Offer rewards, not punishments.

The real truth is that the residents or consumers in San Jose and other local communities are not that important to the city council. It’s easy for the city council to spend money when it is not their own.

If the San Jose City Council doesn’t watch the dimes, how can we trust them to manage the dollars?

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Dangerous TB Patient Nabbed On U.S. Border

I was reading the news on the Internet this morning and found this news story on the Wall Street Journal website:

Dangerous TB Patient Nabbed On U.S. Border

This man, according to the story “was taken into custody by the U.S. Border Patrol in late November as he tried to cross the border illegally near McAllen, Texas,” which raises the question, how many of the 12 or 13 million illegal immigrants in the United States have similar health issues?

When countries don’t secure their borders or countries against the illegal immigrant hordes, in this case, the Mexico-United States border, how many illegal immigrants get away with crossing our borders?

The United States Congress and President Obama should be held accountable for failing to secure our borders. Also, if you give ANY kind of amnesty to ILLEGAL immigrants, you defeat the purpose of laws, especially immigration laws. If you give one ILLEGAL immigrant amnesty, you give proof to the millions of future ILLEGAL immigrants that the United States is weak on immigration laws.

To get a feel for your elected officials abandonment of laws, search the Internet for “Sanctuary City” policies where ILLEGAL immigrants are given a free ride, especially on the taxpayer’s dollar.

We want the “best and the brightest” from around the globe. We do not want ILLEGAL immigrants that come into this country without health checks, without security checks, without jobs, without papers, without proof they can stay off welfare, without respect for our laws and without respect for speaking English in public places.

And the issue is that we have weak political leaders that will sacrifice immigration laws just to get a vote of the folks that are harboring or employing the ILLEGAL immigrants.

We have to throw out the bums in city, county, state and federal offices that preach “forgiveness” to ILLEGAL immigrants who could care less about laws, borders and the English language.

Research your political chain of command to see if you have one of the weak-willed, pusillanimous sycophants in office and then cajole your friends, neighbors and co-workers to throw the bums out of office. Write and publicize the voting records of your local politicians. Do they support sanctuary city policies? Spread the word.

Remember, these politicians that don’t secure the border and the country are responsible for the horde of ILLEGAL immigrants in this country!

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Obama releasing 10,000 illegals from jail; Welcome them to San Jose

Since San Jose California condemned Arizona’s Immigration Law, which set down the “Welcome Mat” to illegal immigrants worldwide, Mayor Reed, Vice-Mayor Madison Nguyen and the majority of the city council should pass another resolution welcoming the 10,000 illegal immigrants that President Obama released.

Our Mayor and city council have instructed their police and city staffers not to question immigration status on any folks they come into contact, therefore this is a wonderful place for the illegal immigrants to call home.

Also, Democrats run the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. Most of these supervisors also have a “love-fest” with the illegal immigrants. These county supervisors actually voted to opt out of the Secure Communities Program which sends fingerprints of everyone arrested to ICE so that ICE is notified if these folks ARRESTED are illegal immigrants. I said ARRESTED; they were ARRESTED for breaking the law, not for being an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. Why would any sane person block fingerprints of robbers, thieves, rapists and other low-life not be sent to ICE to see if the ARRESTED dirtbag is also here ILLEGALLY?

So, you see, the 10,000 illegal immigrants should come to San Jose. They are protected by city AND county Democrat leaders. Heck, even Governor Brown at the state capitol loves illegal immigrants; he is going to give some of them California Driver’s Licenses.

Also, the illegal immigrants don’t even have to learn English as the city and many local businesses are sacrificing English and adding other languages. Immigrants don’t even have to break a sweat anymore to occupy this country.

In the good ‘ole days, we screened our immigrants searching for only the “best and the brightest” from around the globe. Nowadays with the Democrat-run governments, whether city, county, state or federal government, the United States accepts anybody.

San Jose and its misguided politicians are accepting those that cross our borders without security checks, without health checks, without jobs, without papers, without proof they can stay off welfare, without respect for our laws and without respect for the English language.

By the way, 18% of the illegal immigrants do not cross the United States/Mexico border, which means 82% of the illegal immigrants do cross the US/Mexico border. Not only is this incompetent border management by Mexico, the good ‘ole USA is also incompetent in managing the border.

If you don’t secure the border, the lifeboat we offer to the world will eventually overfill and sink. Our lifeboat in San Jose is already full. The illegal immigrants are not adopting to the this culture quick enough. Schools in the illegal immigrant neighborhoods have lower scores overall than neighborhoods not occupied by illegal immigrants, in my opinion. But don’t trust my opinion; drive around; get the zip codes; go online and check the Zip code and the API test scores for the schools.

And when test scores plummet, the school ratings plummet and housing values plummet in most cases. However, housing is so un-affordable in San Jose, that shacks cost half-a-million bucks regardless of the illegal immigrant occupation. By the way, the San Jose Mercury News did the news story reporting 500,000 illegal immigrants in the bay area.

But illegal immigrants will continue to have their children educated by the San Jose taxpayer because local Democrat leaders will NEVER speak out against illegal immigrants.

So, please send out the word to every illegal immigrant to come to San Jose. Mayor Reed, Vice-Mayor Madison Nguyen and the majority of the city council will not object. The majority of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will not object.

What do you think of elected officials who preach ethics and who took an oath to defend the constitution of the state of California and the constitution of the United States, yet they tolerate hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in their midst? Wouldn’t you think that law-makers would be about folks obeying the law? Yet, they tolerate the destruction of immigration laws by ignoring the law.

Since immigration laws don’t seem to matter to the Democrat politicians running the city, I wonder how the wise leaders, such as Mayor Reed, Vice-Mayor Madison Nguyen and the majority of the city council are going to house the influx of illegal immigrants. How successful do you think the Democrat leaders will be in finding homes for the illegals?

How is Mayor Reed, Vice-Mayor Madison Nguyen and the majority of the city council going to find more apartments, homes and mobile homes for the illegal immigrants when they can’t even find homes for the 4,000 chronically homeless people living in San Jose?

By the way, previous Supervisor Jim Beall promised to end homelessness in 10 years. That was 10 years ago but we still have 4,000 chronically homeless. I hope the city of San Jose remembers that the homeless should come before the illegal immigrants when drafting their resolution welcoming the 10,000 illegal immigrants that President Obama is releasing from JAIL.

Not only did the county supervisors promise to end homelessness, the city also had a Blue Ribbon Committee to end homelessness. “So, how’s that going Mayor Reed?”

Didn’t another homeless camp just pop up in the last week or so?

How many more folks will join the homeless? Rents are skyrocketing and house values are starting to increase, yet the local elected officials have no plans to stop the influx of illegal immigrants whom will put a higher burden on the housing stock. What effect does having an extra 500,000 illegal immigrants in the bay area have on rents? Hmmmmm?

Maybe San Jose’s leaders figure, “heck, we already have 500,000, what’s 10,000 more released from jail?”

Actually, the lifeboat of illegal immigrants that the United States can handle is full. Where are the Democrats manning the lifeboats going to put the influx of illegal immigrants? Our jails can’t even hold them. What the heck, Mayor Reed, Vice-Mayor Madison Nguyen and the majority of the city council could put them up in their spare bedrooms.

Also, on a slight tangent away from the ineptitude of the city and county Democrats running the show, how secure do you feel on the federal level knowing that 13 million illegals are sitting comfortably in this country, any of whom could be committed terrorists?

But, back to the local level, write or call your city council member and demand they write a resolution welcoming the 10,000 illegal immigrants that President Obama is releasing from jail. Write a letter to the editor of any local newspaper, even that liberal one, the San Jose Mercury News.


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Open Letter to Senators Boxer & Feinstein – Don’t Be Obama’s Lackey on Immigration

I teach my kids to obey the laws. I obey the laws. I served my country in Viet Nam when called. I do the right thing, but to see our country trash respect for our immigration laws makes me want to puke.

You cannot give amnesty to folks who disrespect this country.

I cherish Arizona’s Sheriff Joe and Gov Brewster who are bravely fighting a battle that should not have to be fought. Our Congress should be strong and protect our borders and it’s not being done.

You cannot cave in to the lawbreakers amongst us.

Please, put some meaning and respect back into our laws. Do not give amnesty to illegal aliens; you will only encourage millions more to cross our borders.

All I see is that with illegal immigrants, we get those that come across our borders without security checks, without health checks, without proof they can stay off welfare, without respect for our laws, without respect for our language and without jobs.

In the day, we used to get the “best and the brightest” from around the globe. However, with our politicians’ permissive policies, you can just walk or wade ashore without any kind of checks.

We are a country built of immigrants but LEGAL immigrants. Our immigration policy is to seek out the “best and the brightest” from around the globe, of all nationalities, races, religions and creeds. We don’t need to accept everyone that wades across the river in the southwest or across the frozen borders along the Canadian border.

Remember the lifeboat analogy; you can’t take in everyone from around the planet that wants to come here. Also, we need jobs for our own lawful residents and US citizens, not for the rejects from countries who refuse to take care of their own people.

The future of the United States of America is in your hands. Please do the right thing!

Also, California already have excruciating, painful housing costs and skyrocketing rents; we do not need 2 or 3 million illegal immigrants demanding housing forcing rents even higher.

So please leave Obama’s coat-tails on immigration. Stand up for brave states like Arizona, the law and the United States.

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Once an Illegal, Always an Illegal

With San Jose’s local politicians supporting illegal immigrants and President Obama’s decision to grant illegal immigrants amnesty doesn’t change the FACT, the illegal immigrants are lawbreakers and always will be remembered for disrespecting this country by breaking our laws. “Once an Illegal, Always an Illegal.” If you are an illegal immigrant, why don’t you share your pride with your children and grandchildren that you disrespected this country and your fellow countrymen left behind because you cut in front of the line.
By the way, for those of you that care about the future of this country, are you happy with the local politicians who ignore immigration laws? If we can pick and choose laws we choose to obey, why do we need politicians to create more laws?
We try to teach our children not to lie, cheat or steal, yet so many of our neighbors hide illegal immigrants in their mist. These illegal immigrants snuck in line in front of so many immigrants trying to get into this country legally.
The illegal immigrants should be embarrassed by their thievery in stealing spots reserved for lawful-seeking immigrants. And the politicians that cater to illegal immigrants and sanctuary city politicizes should be shamed by their callous disregard for our laws.
Like the old adage, “once a thief, always a thief,” applies to illegal immigrants, those harboring them and the politicians who are selling out our nation.
And by the way, with this illegal immigration pipeline into the United States, you get a bonus of immigrants coming in without papers, without jobs, without proof they can stay off welfare, without health checks, without security checks, without respect for our language and without respect for our laws!
Amnesty is crazy, but amnesty without securing the borders will only allow millions of additional illegal immigrants to flood our borders, because most illegal immigrants, illegal immigrant support groups and law-abiding lawful residents and US citizens know our politicians are weak-willed and don’t care about immigration laws. Doubt me if you must, but go to your city council meetings and county board of supervisors meetings and discover the truth.
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